Monday, February 06, 2017

Time "whisks" by...

As many of you know, my father passed away very quickly in 2015.  It is now 2017 and I'm reading in EPICURIOUS where I left a response about a cake recipe made in 2002... here it is here for your reference.  Interesting it was for his 55th birthday... family couldn't stand the cake, but they don't care for chocolate, strawberries, or even orange... how sad to miss such lovely tastes.

Chocolate-Strawberry-Orange Wedding Cake Reviews

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86% would make it again
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My Review:
While I hoped I would fair better than my cooking peers here at epicurious, alas, I must say I am only pleasantly average. I too experienced a challenge with the frosting. The cake is heavy (weight). The MINIATURE chocolate chips (use tiny tiny chips) are a delightful surprise. I made the cake and ganache during one evening, the frosting the next evening. Assembled the cake the following day. The frosting became the texture of firm "Cool Whipped Topping." And just as cool whip will tend to ooze and melt, so too will this frosting. Even after setting all night, the frosting only "elevated" itself to the stature of "firm" whipped topping. HOWEVER, I must say I believe the taste of the frosting redeems the texture. Because I anticipated problems with the frosting, I made a batch of white chocolate ganache. The cake was assembled following the directions, yet for the crumb coating of frosting, I used a WHITE chocolate ganache. (Simply use guava, apricot, or marmalade and orange shavings, white chocolate and whipping cream. Add a little confectioner's sugar and a sprinkle or two of cornstarch if necessary.) Therefore, my cake was chocolate, bittersweet chocolate ganache, strawberry jam, crumb coated with white ganache and frosted with the orange frosting. IF you intend to pipe the icing (I piped my in a basketweave) SHAVE SHAVE SHAVE the white chocolate. I piped the icing and had tiny (about the size of a pinhead) bits of chocolate interrupt my beautiful basketweave design. The bits of chocolate, which weren't shaved, did not completely melt and therefore stuck on the teeth of the piping tip. Please email me with your thoughts. I intend to make this cake again. For those who don't like the combination of chocolate, strawberry, and orange... Well, you just don't know what tastes good : ) : ) Happy cooking to all.
EKS from Memphis, TN / 04.27.2002