Thursday, January 18, 2018

This isn't cake! But it is quick to make!

On an evening after a large snowfall, I thought I would make my mother a french apple pie.  She didn't like that idea, so I surprised her with a few tiny mini bites.


Puff Pastry
Green Apples
Fuji Apples
Golden Delicious Apples
Lemon juice
Nutmeg (Connecticut State used to pass fake nutmegs around as currency of sorts)
Dash of clove, and I mean a dash.

I shaved the apples.  Literally.  Removed the skins, and rather than slice the apples I continued to use the peeler to peel the apples.  Placed them in a bowl with sugar and lemon juice to keep and marinate while we ate dinner.  Then placed them on the stove with about a scoop more of sugar.  Mother had thrown away her cinnamon spice because it was in a square container and she had just ordered a spice rack which only held round bottles.  She didn't like the cinnamon and sugar mixture I made into a round bottle, so I threw it away.  Therefore, there was NO cinnamon in the spice area.  Ah but a stick or two of decorative cinnamon I know had been there before Sian was born... I microplaned it as much as possible. No nutmeg, and no clove, so it was rather boring.

Placed the puff pastry in miniature muffin tins.  Scooped a bit of apple mixture into puff pastry and et viola! 

bake about 400 F until brown about 20 minutes

Monday, February 06, 2017

Time "whisks" by...

As many of you know, my father passed away very quickly in 2015.  It is now 2017 and I'm reading in EPICURIOUS where I left a response about a cake recipe made in 2002... here it is here for your reference.  Interesting it was for his 55th birthday... family couldn't stand the cake, but they don't care for chocolate, strawberries, or even orange... how sad to miss such lovely tastes.

Chocolate-Strawberry-Orange Wedding Cake Reviews

3.5/4 fork user rating reviews (35)
86% would make it again
Go to reviews

My Review:
While I hoped I would fair better than my cooking peers here at epicurious, alas, I must say I am only pleasantly average. I too experienced a challenge with the frosting. The cake is heavy (weight). The MINIATURE chocolate chips (use tiny tiny chips) are a delightful surprise. I made the cake and ganache during one evening, the frosting the next evening. Assembled the cake the following day. The frosting became the texture of firm "Cool Whipped Topping." And just as cool whip will tend to ooze and melt, so too will this frosting. Even after setting all night, the frosting only "elevated" itself to the stature of "firm" whipped topping. HOWEVER, I must say I believe the taste of the frosting redeems the texture. Because I anticipated problems with the frosting, I made a batch of white chocolate ganache. The cake was assembled following the directions, yet for the crumb coating of frosting, I used a WHITE chocolate ganache. (Simply use guava, apricot, or marmalade and orange shavings, white chocolate and whipping cream. Add a little confectioner's sugar and a sprinkle or two of cornstarch if necessary.) Therefore, my cake was chocolate, bittersweet chocolate ganache, strawberry jam, crumb coated with white ganache and frosted with the orange frosting. IF you intend to pipe the icing (I piped my in a basketweave) SHAVE SHAVE SHAVE the white chocolate. I piped the icing and had tiny (about the size of a pinhead) bits of chocolate interrupt my beautiful basketweave design. The bits of chocolate, which weren't shaved, did not completely melt and therefore stuck on the teeth of the piping tip. Please email me with your thoughts. I intend to make this cake again. For those who don't like the combination of chocolate, strawberry, and orange... Well, you just don't know what tastes good : ) : ) Happy cooking to all.
EKS from Memphis, TN / 04.27.2002

Thursday, July 13, 2006

What I've Been Cookin' Lately

Been busy cooking... but of a different sort...

Here's what I have been cookin' lately...

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Fifth of July and Five Times Better

Well, it is Wednesday and I feel much better. The cake was finished. It was 8 layer high. It actually made it to the destination~intact!

Delivered, set up, and left as I had another appointment. Later, resports indicated that the cake
was very well received.

Am pleased.

Will do another.

But man... I am going to invest in more cake dummies. There is a difference between a baker and a decorator. I can bake a cake... but to decorate an 8 layer cake? ... That takes a skill I still need to develop~ If I want the results to look professional.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

July 3rd and I'm Fried like a Firecracker

I'm exhausted.

I have made enough cake to make me sick. The cakes themselves turned out very well.
Fluffy, firm enough to frost, held their shape at 3" inches tall.

Note to self: Do not attempt cakes when having a discussion with Grandfather. Murphy's law
will dictate a days delay, unfocused mind, and sudden urge to cry.

I'll make the ganache in the morning. I'm going to bed now. It is 2:00am.

I shouldn't have tried to make the cheesecake, and cannoli this evening in addition to the cakes.

My energy is diminished considerably.

Falling asleep as I type.


Friday, June 30, 2006

Cake for 200

Well this is the weekend... 4th of July... I am determined to make my Colette Peters' 4th of July cake.

If I can find a way to make photographs along the way, I will. Found the camera, (Underneath a pile of yet to be sold items on ebay), but alas, no charger. Must find charger.

Anyway, I have had quite a culinary experience this week as a dear friend came to town. Her father, from old world Spain, has a family that loves to cook and I was given many recipes. I tried a few, was inspired to cook a little more and will do so.

As usual, I find my forte' is in main courses, savory items, and not the desserts. My cakes look pitiful. The taste is very good. I am proud of the taste... but so ugly they look as if they were beat with an ugly stick. Well, maybe not THAT bad, but less than the professional touch I desire.

Monday, June 26, 2006

About Me

While my cooking is on the back burner, I thought I would post this little tidbit. Recently, I was asked about my hobbies, what I do in my spare time, and to describe myself. Found this little questionaire on a website and thought I would answer:

5 items in the freezer
1. Lobster tails
2. Shrimp
3. Cheesecake
4. Ice (with strawberries)
5. homemade ice cream container

5 items in my closet- I have lots of closets.
1. Two Tiffany Style Lamps
2. Dishes
3. Golf Bag
4. Clothes and Shoes
5. Craft Supplies

5 items in my car
1. Books to sell
2. Shoes
3. Magnolia Leaves
4. Ribbons
5. Booklet ready for printing

5 items in my purse
1. Gym ID
2. Rebate Check
3. Envelope to mail
4. Favorite Pen
5. Sunglasses

5 items I wish I had
1. Portable Magellan talking roadmate

2. Porsche SUV
Porsche, иллюстрация Auto Moto und Sport

3. Chocolate Sheeter or 5 pounds of Santanders Chocolates
Santander 70% Dark Columbian Chocolate with Espresso

4. La Girolle

5. Pilates Reformer