Sunday, June 18, 2006

Rainy Days and Mondays

Well, today is Sunday. Father's Day.

Generally our family gathers together for every kind of holiday, including something like groundhog day. But, no gathering today. Long story for another post.

One interesting point I will make... It has been raining where I live like cats and dogs. After phoning my mom and dad's house, I found they had interesting visitors during the night.

Two skunks.

I thought my burnt stove was a story to tell. Skunks trump fried wires anyday. The fuzzy creatures seem to have found their entrance through a brand new dryer line. (Mom and dad's beautiful home sits on 5 acres and highlights a pond with island...and an assortment of creatures great and small.) The rain has been relentless, and the warm, alluring scent of fabric softner sheets must have been very enticing to the skunks.... Clawed their way right through the sheetrock.
Happy little creatures.
My mom said they were cute. Confused.
Didn't spray.
Things okay.

Think I'll make a cake and celebrate.


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