Sunday, June 11, 2006

Fondant Cups

So I acquired this new book entitled
pretty party cakes.

The photographs are stunning and each design is accompanied by instructions. I followed the instructions for the fondant cups. (not pictured here.) For the mold, I used a can of... now, .....don't laugh, a can of Ensure. It did more good as a cup mold than drinking that stuff...those drinks are loaded with corn syrup. Anyway, back to the fondant cups. The method is simple. Take fondant, wrap it around a cylindrical object. Secure the side. Sit the result on more fondant. Cut the bottom. Secure the bottom.

Easy, yes? Well, no. I strongly advise using food molds with sharp edges rather than food cans. Most food cans
have a dip on the bottom and top of the can. This allows food can openers easy access. But, all it does when set upon fondant is leave an unwelcomed impression.

After unmolding the cup from the can of Ensure, seeing the ugly marks on the lid and bottom of the mold, I hesitated. Why leave the fondant to harden to be a cup with which I am not pleased? So I wrapped the fondant to be used again for another day. I'll recreate the cups later this week. If I can find a camera, I'll make a photo and post.

All in all, I think this book is well worth the price. I'm still acquiring the equipment and techniques needed to make beautiful cakes.


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